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Hongbao Electrical is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shandong Hongbao Electronics Co., Ltd. The company focused on solving some of the low-voltage power supply solutions and related products.We are the main agent of domestic and imported for more than a dozen brands (ABB, Siemens, DELIXI, etc.). We always adhere to the customer first, reputation first, honest and trustworthy, innovative services for the company to survive. On the new way...


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  • Development scale and forecast analysis... Continuous improvement of technical level. AC and DC charging pile, two-way charging and discharging motor, battery quick changing systems and other equipment have been achieved domestically, wireless...

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  • New energy industry revitalization... "The new energy technology will be put into the fast lane, at the same time, a variety of clean energy technologies will not neglect any one. This or the next twenty or thirty years, the national ener...

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